Triple-Strand Necklace with Copper Foil, Art Glass and Glass Paint

Painted Glass

Pebeo glass paints add color to glass. Most colors in the lineup are transparent or semitransparent with an opaque white and metallic silver also available. One coat of any color is enough to cover the glass, but additional coats will give more vibrancy to the color as well as less transparency.

Apply the paints using artist brushes, your finger, toothpicks or any tool you have handy--there are no limits. To clean up after applying the paint or to correct any errors, wash with soap and water. After drying for 24 hours, the pieces are ready for curing in a conventional or craft oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit; once cooled, the glass can be incorporated into your design. After curing, the paint is resistant to normal solvents and cleaners.

The glass pieces shown in the necklace were created by tinning the glass with lead-free solder, adding a jumpring during the tinning process and then painting with the Pebeo glass paints. Tinning the glass and adding the jumpring not only converted the glass pieces into pendants, this also brought an additional design element to the mix.

Place a piece of colored glass onto your work surface and put your safety glasses on. Using the oil-filled glass cutter, score the glass.

Using the running pliers, ease the glass apart at the score.
Repeat to cut the glass to the shape planned for your design. Repeat for all the glass pieces in your design. You can remove the safety glasses.

Wash the glass with a grease-cutting liquid detergent so you are sure you removed any trace of oil from the cutter and your hands. Dry the glass thoroughly and do your best not to touch the edges where the foil will be applied.
Wrap the pieces of glass in copper foil.

Put your safety glasses back on. Using a soldering iron, flux, lead-free solder and fiber grip tweezers, tin the copper foil on each piece of glass.

Note: As needed, re-tin the tip of the soldering iron.
Using a soldering iron, flux, lead-free solder, the Third Hand and a pair of tweezers, add an 8mm sterling silver-filled jumpring to a soldered edge on each piece of glass. You can remove the safety glasses.

Tip: Place the seam of the jumpring against the foiled and soldered edge so the seam is filled in when applied to the edge.
Wash the pieces of glass using a paste of baking soda and water or ammonia and water to remove all traces of the flux.
Using an artist brush or tool of your choice, apply paint to the glass. If adding multiple colors to one piece of glass, allow the paint to dry before applying the next color-- the time it takes to dry will depend on your working environment.

Tip: You can blend paint colors in a plastic, lidded container to create your own palette. After blending, close the lid then allow the paint to settle for a few hours or overnight to allow any air bubbles created from mixing to dissipate. Once you are done using this color, put the lid back on and store with your other paints.

Once applied to the glass, allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours. Place a Teflon® non-stick sheet onto a tray that is suitable for use in the oven. Place the glass pieces onto the Teflon sheet. Place the tray into the oven then start the oven, raising it to a temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit; once at temperature, time for 40 minutes. Carefully remove the tray from the oven to allow the glass to cool to room temperature.
Using pliers, open an 8mm sterling silver-filled jumpring. Put onto the open jumpring a painted glass pendant and a twisted 11mm ring; close the jumpring. Repeat for the other pieces of glass in your design.
Using flush-cutters, cut one piece of silver-filled cable chain in each of the following lengths: 24 inches, 25-1/2 inches and 26-1/2 inches.
Thread each painted glass pendant onto a length of chain so they are suspended at the length you prefer. Gather the ends on one side of the chains together with a 6mm sterling silver-filled jumpring and then connect to a 7mm sterling silver-filled jumpring. Connect the 7mm jumpring to half of the clasp.

Repeat for the other half of the necklace.

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