Earrings with Czech Fire-Polished Glass Beads and Antiqued Silver-Plated Pewter Beads

Use a fine needle file to gently file the inside of the silver-finished 48mm channel hoop earring for optimal adherence of the molding compound.
Open the natural color Apoxie® Sculpt, 2-part epoxy molding compound. Mix equal parts of the epoxy for two minutes, or until thoroughly combined, to create a putty-like texture.
Work the epoxy into the channel until it fills the entire area. Remove any excess epoxy from the edges of the channel using a carving tool. Smooth the epoxy using your finger or a piece of non-stick worksheet.
Gently push one glass ruby red 4mm bead (with the holes positioned end to end so they are not visible from the top of the channel) into the epoxy starting under the hinge. Next push one antiqued silver-plated 3mm beaded rondelle (in an upright position) into the epoxy directly below the first glass ruby red 4mm bead. Continue to place alternating ruby red glass bead and antiqued silver-plated rondelle beads into the epoxy to fill the channel.
Repeat Steps 1 - 5 to create the second earring.

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