Multi-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal, ICE Resin® and Apoxie® Sculpt

Highlight and preserve your favorite vintage paper images by treating them with Mod Podge® then encasing in ICE Resin-filled bezels. Incorporate these treasures in a vintage-inspired design that includes antiqued brass findings filled and embellished with Swarovski crystal crystals.
Determine the size your paper needs to be cut to so it fits into the bezels. Using the tip of a beading awl and the circle template, trace the correct size onto the paper. Use fine-tipped scissors to trim the paper along the traced line.

Design tip: The 20 and 18mm bezels fit respectively the 21 and 19 numbered circles on the template.

Cut out an image to fit within the opening of the vintage brass 28x28mm square blank, the vintage brass 37x8mm rectangle and one to fit on the vintage brass 34mm circle link, making sure to not block either hole in the link.
Apply Mod Podge to one side of the cutout pieces of paper and allow the adhesive to dry. Apply Mod Podge to the other side so the piece is completely treated and protected. Allow the adhesive to dry. Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the surface of the square blank, the rectangle and the circle link. Place the corresponding piece of paper onto the adhesive so it's positioned, as you like.
Apply another layer of Mod Podge to seal the elements together. Place the Swarovski crystal golden shadow cosmic ring into place on the circle. Allow the adhesive to dry.
Condition a small amount of polymer clay. Roll the clay into a thick snake. Wrap the snake around the outside of the cosmic ring so it fills in the gap between the circle link and the ring. The polymer clay will help prevent ICE Resin from seeping out.
Insert the treated images into the corresponding bezels. Place any extra design elements into your bezel at this time. As seen inside the cosmic ring, Swarovski crystal 3mm aurum 2X bicone crystals were placed in a diamond pattern and small pieces of gold leaf and Swarovski denim flat backs were placed into two different bezels.

Note: Crystals lose the look of their facets when seen through resin.

Prepare a batch of ICE Resin according to manufacturer's instructions and slowly pour or drip the resin into each bezel. Fill to just below the top of the bezel so the resin does not overflow.

Carefully set aside and allow the resin to settle into the bezel.

Carefully drip the resin onto the image on the square blank. Either tilt the blank or use a toothpick to spread the resin to just within the edges of the image.
Observe the resin-filled bezels. If needed, use a toothpick to reposition the image or additional elements--sometimes they float up or shift in orientation. If needed, use a toothpick to pop any bubbles that may have appeared. Most bubbles will work themselves to the surface and pop on their own, but sometimes it helps to pop them yourself.
Prepare a batch of two-part epoxy. Apply a little bit along the inside base of one antique brass rectangle setting.

Press a Swarovski 14x10mm fancy rectangle into the bezel, pressing it in as straight as you can. Observe the setting and remove any excess adhesive that may have squeezed out. Clean this up as carefully and quickly as you.

Repeat to fill five rectangle mountings.
Using any remaining uncured two-part epoxy, or prepare a new small batch, apply tiny dots of two-part epoxy along the length of the 37x8mm rectangle then place Swarovski denim flat backs into the adhesive. Press the flat backs to the surface. Clean up any excess as best as you can.
After curing for one hour, observe the resin-filled bezels to make sure they are as filled as you would like. If needed, prepare a new batch of resin and apply a bit more to create a domed surface.
Prepare a small batch of black Apoxie Sculpt according to manufacturer's instructions. Press a tiny amount into a teardrop drop--using just enough Apoxie to fill the bezel and have a little bit above the surface. Press a Swarovski aquamarine chaton into the center of the Apoxie, keeping it as straight as possible.

Allow the resins and adhesives to cure overnight. Once fully cured, remove the polymer from the circle link. Note: If the cosmic ring comes free from the disc, apply a bit of two-part epoxy to the back and reattach.
Cut a piece of paper to fit inside the clear tube of the antiqued brass and "pewter" focal. Roll the paper up so it can be fitted into the tube. Place the tube onto its base making sure the eyepin goes through the center.

Place the cap onto the open end of the tube then finish the eyepin with a simple loop.
Place a 3mm steel round bead onto a headpin. Finish with a simple loop. Repeat to create two beaded drops. Repeat to create twenty-three beaded drops using a variety of beads.
Place a Swarovski aurum 2X 3mm bicone onto an eyepin. Finish with a simple loop. Open one loop on the eyepin and add a textured 7mm flat round. Close the loop. Repeat to create 4 links using a variety of beads, textured 7mm flat rounds and butterfly charms.
Place a textured flat round drop onto a headpin. Add the Swarovski 17mm golden shadow devoted heart. Form a bail with the headpin.
Cut a 19-inch length of steel cable chain. Place a Swarovski 3mm aurum 2X crystal onto an eyepin. Place the round-nose pliers on the eyepin just above the crystal. Wrap the wire around one barrel of the round-nose pliers to form a coil. Use pliers to pull the last coil out to the side, just a bit.
Open a link in the center of the chain. Remove the connecting closed link in the chain or put it to one side of the open link so it is out of your way. Thread the open link through the coil on the eyepin; do not go through the loop that has been pulled out to the side of the coil. Add the closed link from the chain then close the link. Add a headpin drop from Step 11 to the last loop of the coil. Add the devoted heart headpin bail to the loop of the eyepin below the 3mm crystal.

Repeat to create 14 bead-filled coiled eyepins, adding them equally to each half of the length of chain, spacing them about 1-1/2 inches apart. Add the headpin and eyepin drops to the eyepin coils so they are spread out along the length of chain in a nice mix.
Cut the following lengths of steel chain: two 2 inches, one 3 inches and one 4 inches. Open an 8mm jumpring. Fold the lengths of chain at different spots then place them onto the open jumpring so they create random lengths of chain to form a chain tassel.

Repeat Step 11 to create nine bead drops. Open the loops on the bead drops and add them to the lengths of chain in a random pattern.

Use a jumpring to attach the brass fan to the chain tassel. Repeat to add the embellished brass arch frame, an embellished teardrop bezel and the brass round with flower and leaves.
Use a jumpring to connect the chain tassel to the circle disc with the cosmic ring.

Use a jumpring to connect the top of the circle disc to the center link on a 25-inch length of circle link chain.
Cut a 14-inch length of steel chain. Use a jumpring to connect the square drop to the center link of the chain.

Cut a 25-inch length of steel chain. About 10 inches from one end open a link in the chain. Add one loop of the clear tube component then close the link. Repeat to connect the other end of the clear tube component to the chain.

Use jumprings to connect the mounted Swarovski crystal rectangles, crystal studded brass rectangle, Apoxie and crystal teardrop, and the filled bezels to the chains.
Use a jumpring to connect the last link on one end of each length of chain to one half of the leaf clasp. Repeat to connect the other end of each length of chain to the other half of the clasp.

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