Earrings with Shrinkable Plastic and Swarovski® Crystals

Select or sketch an image of a rabbit sized to approximately 3x3 inches onto a sheet of paper.

Note: Shrinkable plastic shrinks to approximately 1/3 the size of the original design, so the finished design will measure approximately 1 inch tall with the top loop.

Place the image face down onto a frosted shrinkable plastic sheet and use tape to secure the image to the sheet.
Using colored pencils trace the rabbit onto the shrinkable plastic sheet. Draw one 9mm round circle on one ear just outside the pattern to mark the loop location.

Repeat to create a second design that mirrors the first on the sheet making sure to put the 9mm round circle on the opposite ear.
Use a stencil or freehand to draw two egg shapes approximately 1x1 inch.
Remove the original images from the shrinkable plastic sheet and add more detailed color and shading to the rabbit and egg shapes on the opposite side of the shrinkable plastic from the traced designs.

Tip: Any color used on the shrinkable plastic designs will darken as the product shrinks so use care not to color too darkly.
Using scissors, carefully cut out the designs including the round circle on the ears of the rabbits.
Using a standard sized 1/4 inch hole punch, punch a hole in the center of each round circle creating a loop.

Repeat to create a hole on either end of each egg. Punch holes at least 2mm from each edge to allow for shrinkage.
Bake the designs in the toaster oven or conventional oven according to manufacturer's instructions.

Note: Since this design uses frosted shrinkable plastic sheet and colored pencils it is not necessary to use Mod Podge® matte sealer to seal the color, but if another type of shrinkable plastic or coloring tool is used, it is recommended to prevent smearing of the design.
Mix a small amount of Devcon® 5 Minute® Epoxy according to manufacturer's instructions.
Using a toothpick apply a small dot in the center of one egg link and to the back of one Swarovski tanzanite flat back then place the flat back onto the epoxy. Repeat to place a tanzanite flat back on either side of the previous flat back.

Repeat to attach flat backs to the second egg link then allow to dry fully.
Using a pair of chain-nose and bent-nose pliers open two silver-plated 5mm jumprings.
Pass one jumpring through the loop on one shrinkable plastic rabbit and the loop on one end of one egg link. Close the jumpring.

Open the loop on one silver-plated fishhook earwire. Pass the loop through the loop on the opposite end of the egg link and close.
Repeat Step 11 to create a second earring.

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