Bracelet with Nylon Parachute Cord

Using scissors cut one 6-foot length of black and one 6-foot length of blue parachute cord.

Tip: The general rule for cord length is 1 foot for every inch in the diameter of your wrist. This also depends on the diameter of your cord.
Trim approximately 1/2 inch of the white center from one end of one length of cord then trim the outer colored nylon from one end of the second length of cord. Insert the white center into the outer nylon then use a heat source to fuse the two lengths of cord together.
Fold the joined lengths of cord in half (not at the connected center, but slightly off center) and pass the folded loop through the top slot of the buckle clasp.
Pass the ends of the joined cord through the loop creating a lark's head knot then pull snug against the buckle clasp.

Pass the ends of the cord through the top slot of the second portion of the buckle clasp. Pull the ends till the space between the two portions of the clasp is approximately the diameter of your wrist.
Make a square knot using the two outside strands (working strands 1 and 4) over the two inside strands (anchor strands 2 and 3).

Basic square knot pattern:

Pass strand 1 over the anchor strands then pass strand 4 over strand 1, under the anchor strands and up through the loop (created by strand 1) then pull snug. (This is a half knot.)

Reverse the pattern by passing strand 4 over the anchor strands then pass strand 1 over strand 4, under the base strands and up through the loop then pull snug.

Note: It's important to alternate strands to get a flat pattern. Starting consistently with the same strand will cause the pattern to twist.
Continue creating square knots until the two anchor strands have been covered.
Trim the remaining ends of the cords to approximately 1/8 inch then using the heat source seal the raw ends of the cord. Press the ends into the previous square knot to secure them in place and conceal them.

Tip: View the resource section below for variations on this technique.

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