Single-Strand Convertible Necklace and Earring Set with Antiqued-Brass Focal, Glass Rhinestone and Gold-Finished Brass Focal and Glass Rhinestone and Antiqued Gold-Finished "Pewter" Links

Romance--divine! The Regency Era love story of Napoleon Bonaparte and his sweet Josephine inspired this project. Although their love connection grew cold, your love for cold connections can soar with this project featuring quaint cold-connected bouquets, rhinestone-encrusted spacer bars and regal components. If you're simply wild about cold connections, discover an abundance of inspirations on the Gallery of Designs and connect with us on Facebook to show us how you use cold connections.
- Jamie


Teardrop Pendant

Cut Loop on Teardrop and Attach Flower Link Using flush-cutters, cut one side of the loop on one glass rhinestone and gold-finished clear 30x22mm teardrop focal. Using a pair of chain-nose pliers, gently open the loop, pass it through the loop on one end of one cubic zirconia and antiqued gold-finished clear 24x24mm flower link and close.
Cut Loop on Flower Link and Attach Y Connector Cut one side of the loop on the opposite end of the flower link and gently open it. Pass the loop through the single bottom loop on one antiqued gold-plated 10x10mm Y scroll connector and close.

Heart Pendant

Mark Heart Pendant with Sharpie Position two gold-plated 11x9mm rose beads and one gold-plated 8x4mm rose bead in a cluster on the front of an antiqued brass 42x40mm heart locket. Use a Sharpie® to mark placement of the center of each of the three beads.
Cut Rivet Off Rose Beads Cut away the exposed rivet on the back of each rose bead. Remove the rivet and separate the petals being careful to maintain their order. Using a finger, gently flatten each layer of petals slightly, being careful not to press too hard. Use the micro drill to enlarge the holes to fit the rivets used in a later step.
Use a micro drill bit and a rotary drill to drill the three marked holes on the heart locket.
Insert Brad Into Locket Insert one brad from the inside of the heart locket. Place the backside of the rivet over the largest dapping punch leaving it standing upright in the punch display.
Thread Rose Petals Onto Brad Thread three rose petals onto the exposed brad on the front side of the heart pendant. Trim the brad approximately 2mm above the rose petals. Hammer the rivet to set the rose permanently into place.

Repeat to rivet the second large rose.
Attach Small Rose to Brad Repeat Step 7 to attach the small rose, threading one brass 4x1.5mm rondelle before the petals to elevate the flower.
If necessary, reshape and re-curve the flower petals using round-nose pliers.
Place Flat Backs Into Rose Centers Mix Devcon® 5-Minute® Epoxy according to manufacturer's instructions.

Place a small amount of epoxy into the center of one large rose. Place one Swarovski crystal clear 4.6-4.8mm flat back in the center. Repeat to place a flat back onto the second largest rose.

Place one Swarovski crystal clear 3.8-4mm flat back in the center of the smaller rose.
Cut and Place Image in Locket Using scissors, cut the image of your choice to the size of the inside of the heart locket (Napoleon Bonaparte shown here). Using white E-6000® Jewelry and Craft adhesive, adhere the image to the inside of the locket. Using white E-6000 will make the white paper really stand out.
Use Jumprings to Attach Locket Using a pair of chain-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers open twenty-nine 4mm jumprings and two 6mm jumprings.

Pass one jumpring through the loop on the heart locket and the loop on one end of one cubic zirconia and antiqued gold-finished clear 19x19mm cross link and close. Repeat to attach a second jumpring creating double jumprings.
Cut Loop on Cross Link and Attach Y Connector Cut one side of the loop on the opposite end of the cross link and gently open it. Pass the loop through the single bottom loop on one Y connector and close.

Necklace Chain Assembly

Attach Roses to Round Links Gather eight each: rose beads, gold-plated 5mm fancy round links and crystal clear flat back crystals. Place the rose beads facing down on a silicone glue gun pad. Apply a small dot of epoxy to the backside of each rose.

Working quickly, place one gold-plated 5mm fancy round link on the back of each rose. Remove excess epoxy from the loops on the links.

Tip: Take care to make sure the link is pushed through the epoxy to lay flat against the rose back.
Place Flat Backs Into Epoxy Use a damp finger to smooth the resin then place a flat back crystal into the epoxy.

Tip: If the resin has hardened, mix a small amount more and reapply and then add the crystals.

Wait 20 minutes for the epoxy to harden completely before assembling the necklace.
Connect Clasp to Flower Link Using 4mm jumprings, connect a rose link and one glass rhinestone and antiqued gold-finished clear 18x5mm bar flower link. Connect a total of four sets creating a chain. Continue to connect two sets of one bar flower link and one fancy round link (no rose) then connect one lady's hand clasp using a 5mm jumpring. Connect a lobster claw clasp to the opposite end of the chain using a 4mm jumpring.

Repeat using a swivel clasp to create a second rose and bar flower link chain.
Place Chatons Into Back of Flower Link Lay each length of chain on the silicone pad with the back side up. Apply a small amount of epoxy to approximately 4 - 5 bar links. Use the rhinestone positioner to quickly pick up and place four Swarovski crystal clear 2.5mm chatons in each bar link. Repeat until all the bar links have crystals added.


Using a pair of chain-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers open one gold-plated 8mm jumpring. Pass the jumpring through the loop on one antiqued gold-finished flower fishhook earwire and one Swarovski crystal silver shade 20x5mm column drop. Close the jumpring.
Repeat Step 1 to create a second earring.

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