Reversible Bracelet with Craft Paper, Hill Tribes Antiqued Fine Silver Charms and Beads and Cup Chain

Using a 1-inch (25mm) round template, cut eight piddix crafting paper squares to size.
Measure a length of adhesive foil to fit around the circumference of one round art glass slide, allowing a little overlap. Gently mark the end of the fitted length with a finger nail, remove the foil then trim at the mark.
Center Sticky Part of Foil Around Edge of Slide Place two round craft paper images back to back then sandwich then between two round slides. Align the images and slides so the edges match no paper hangs over the slide edges.

Peel a little of the paper backing from the foil then center the sticky side foil around the edge of the slides. Continue to peel the backing away and wrap the slides neatly, keeping the foil centered as you go.

Note: If you do not keep the foil even on both sides, the copper will show through the glass from the other side. This can also be used as a design element.
Use Burnisher to Press Edges of Foil to Slide Using a burnisher press and smooth the edges of the foil onto each side of the of the slide component to secure.
Place the slide component in a pair of third hand tweezers then using a flux brush, apply flux to the foil area. Solder will not stay on the foil if it isn't fluxed properly.
Apply Solder To Foil Place the slide component on a heatproof surface. Press the tip of a heated soldering iron to the end of the solder so a little bit is gathered onto the iron. Apply the solder to the foil allowing it to flow along the edge of the slide component. Repeat until all of the foil is tinned.

Note: Please follow all instructions and safety precautions that are provided with the soldering iron.
Bend Wire Cut five 2-inch lengths of sterling silver-filled square 20-gauge wire. Place round-nose pliers in the center of one length of wire. Firmly bend the wire in half around the pliers creating an approximately 8mm loop. Using flat-nose pliers bend each of the ''legs'' in the opposite direction so they extend out to the sides.
Solder Loops to Component Using cross-locking tweezers position one loop (Step 7) the tinned edge of one slide component. Bend the wire legs to fit edge of the component. Hold the loop in place on the edge of the slide. Apply a flux to the tinned edge and the legs of the loop, where they will be attached to the component. Repeat Step 6 to apply solder to the area and capture the loop.
Repeat Steps 3 - 8 to create a total of four round slide components and one square slide component.

Attach each slide component to an open square on a bracelet chain using an 8mm jumpring.
Attach Charms to Chain Attach a 4mm jumpring to the loop on one Hill Tribes 20x17mm flower charm, one Hill Tribes 12x12mm lady bug charm and three Hill Tribes 10x9mm flower charms. Attach each charm to an open square on the bracelet chain using an 8mm jumpring.
Attach Bird Drop to Chain Using a Wrapped Loop String onto one Hill Tribes fine silver 1-1/2 inch 22-gauge headpin one sterling silver 2mm round, one Hill Tribes antiqued fine silver 24x4mm bird beads and one sterling silver 2mm round. Attach the bird to one open square link on the bracelet chain using a wrapped loop.
Wrap Headpin Around Cup Chain End the Attach Opposite End to Chain Cut four 2-inch lengths of glass rhinestone clear 2mm cupchain. Tightly wrap the ball end of a headpin around approximately three links on one end of one 2-inch length of cupchain. Attach the opposite end of the wire to one open square link on the bracelet chain using a wrapped loop.

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