Bracelet with Glass Rhinestone and Gold-Finished Brass Cupchain and Chainmaille

String one Swarovski light Siam 6mm round onto a headpin then form a simple loop creating a Swarovski drop. Pass one 5.5mm jumpring through the loop on the Swarovski drop and a closed 5.5mm jumpring and close. Repeat to connect a total of seven jumprings creating a chain.
Cut two 6-1/2 inch lengths of glass rhinestone light red 4mm cupchain. Attach a cupchain connector to each end of each length of chain.

Pass one 5.5mm jumpring through the loop on one end of both lengths of cupchain. Repeat to connect the loops on the opposite end of the cupchain.
Attach one 5.5mm jumpring to each space between the rhinestones on one length of cupchain then attach a jumpring just after the last rhinestone on the end. Repeat to attach jumprings to the second length of cupchain creating a total of twenty-seven jumpring sets.
Pass one 8mm jumpring through the first set of 5.5mm jumprings, closest to the jumpring chain, and the next set of jumprings on each length of cupchain.

Pass one 8mm jumpring through the previous set of 5.5mm jumprings and the next set (this 8mm jumpring should overlap the previous). Continue to attach 8mm jumprings to the previous set of jumprings and the next set for the length of the bracelet.
Pass one 5.5mm jumpring through the jumpring connecting the loops, on the end of the bracelet, and the loop on a lobster claw clasp.

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