Earrings with Antiqued Copper-Plated Pewter Charms, Copper Embellishments and Metal Beads

Place the two triangle embellishments on the bench block then use a texture hammer to texture the front side of each.

Secure one triangle in the ring clamp then use the Jooltool™ sharpening and polishing system and the fine abrasive disc to gently buff the back side and along the edges of each triangle giving it a textured appearance. Repeat to add texture to the second triangle.

Note: Be sure to use proper safety equipment when working with tools.
Beginning in one corner of one triangle lay out rondelles in a pattern that resembles gearwheels in a machine, spanning to the opposite edge of the triangle. Use a fine tip marker to place a point in the center of the top corner rondelle, the last rondelle at the bottom edge and five other rondelles in the pattern.
Remove the rondelles from the surface of the triangle, keeping them in the chosen pattern. Use the EUROTOOL® punch to create divots at each marker point on the triangle then use the rotary tool to drill an approximately 1mm hole at each point.
Place the first rondelle in the pattern over the top hole then insert the eyelet into the hole. String a second matching rondelle onto the eyelet on the opposite side of the triangle. Use the eyelet setting tool to secure the eyelet in place.
Place the next rondelle over its corresponding hole and insert a micro screw then string a washer. Apply a small amount of G-S Hypo cement to the end of the screw and secure with a micro nut.

Continue to attach the remaining rondelles in the pattern to the triangle. Use Devcon® 5 Minute® Epoxy to glue the rondelles, that did not have holes drilled in the center, to the surface of the triangle.
Repeat Steps 2 - 5 to create a second triangle component that is a mirror image of the first then allow components to dry completely.
Use each mandrel of the Wubbers® small triangle pliers to two small triangle jumprings and two larger triangle jumpring. Set one of each size aside for the second earring.

Pass the smaller triangle jumpring through the loop on one 10.5x9mm fir cone charm and the gear hole along the bottom edge of the triangle then close.

Attach the larger triangle jumpring to the gear hole at the top of the triangle.

Pass one 4mm jumpring through the previous jumpring and the loop on one fishhook earwire then close.

Repeat to create a second earring.

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