Bracelet with Metal Sheet, Metal Washers and Brads and Leather Cord

Use the second star-shaped hole on the die cutter and the flush end of the corresponding punch to cut five 16x15mm star components. Use the hole punch pliers to punch a hole in the center of each star. File the edges and hole each star component smooth.
Cut one 9-1/4 inch length of red 20mm flat leather cord.
Fold the end of the leather cord over onto itself, approximately 3/4 inch, creating a loop. Position an awl approximately 1/4 inch from the edge on one side of the cord and firmly press the tip into the leather hard enough to mark both layers of leather.

Repeat to create a second hole set on the opposite side of the same end of the leather cord.

Using the hole punch pliers to punch the four aligning holes in the leather strap.

Repeat to punch holes on the opposite end of the cord.
Pass one end of the leather cord through the loop in one E-hook clasp.
Fold the end of the cord over matching up the punched holes. Insert a brad through one set of holes, front to back. Place the leather on a metal block back side facing up.

Add a washer to the brad then trim the brad to approximately 2mm above the washer. Using a ball peen hammer, hammer the brad flat against the washer securing the components in place.

Repeat to secure the second set of holes securing the clasp.

Repeat to create a loop on the opposite end of the leather cord, omitting the clasp.
Use the awl to create a point in the center of the bracelet. Create a point approximately 1-1/4 inch from the center point on either side. Repeat to create a one more point approximately 1-1/4 inch from the previous point on either side of the bracelet.
Place one star component over the first hole. Insert one star brad through the holes then secure the brad. Repeat to attach a star component to each of the remaining holes.

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