Wine Glass with Swarovski® Crystals

Some good friends were getting married and I wanted to give them a memorable gift they could use for years. I thought ''toasting glasses.'' In my roamings, I found a few sets that were begging to be crystalized. Look for glasses with patterns that lend themselves to embellishment with tiny crystals and still have the elegance of the glass shine through. Since you only need 2 glasses, it's fun and easy to search antique shops. Just remember to check each glass well to avoid any with chips or scratches. Good crystal clarity glassware is the best too, because the glass you chose determines the patterns--look for those that have cuts or a pattern to follow.

For this project use Swarovski flat backs, in either the hotfix or no hotfix style. The Swarovski flat backs have premium cutting and the best sparkle.

This project requires patience. Typically, you will need to glue the crystals in about 2 - 3 rounds, so they can thoroughly dry between gluing. Overall, this simple set took about 1-1/2 hours to complete.

The best option is to use a glue that has a pretty good tack. It must be non-toxic and washable. Fire Mountain carries a wide variety of glues for rhinestones, referenced in the resources below. Experiment with glues to find your favorite.

First, separate the colors of the ''Glacier'' assortment in small piles so they're readily available. If you plan on adding crystals to the cuts of the glass, it's possible to decide on the pattern as you go. If a lot of crystals will be added, make sure to have a few packs.
Start Simple

Work Your Way Around the Glass with Crystals

Move Onto Next Cut in Glass
Get the glasses clean and dry. For the first wash, use dishwashing soap to cut any water spots or oils. With magnification, and a handy bamboo skewer, start placing small dots or thin lines of glue where the crystals will go. Only add a few glue dots (or lines) at a time, let the glue sit for a minute to develop it's ''tack'' then add the crystals. Timing is important here: add enough glue so it does not run, and be sure you have enough time to place the crystals before it dries. It'll take a few rounds of gluing to get the rhythm together.

Start simply, and keep going!

Work around the glass, adding the crystal colors in the pattern of your choice. When that's complete, move onto the next cut in the glass and add other color patterns.
Once the glass is crystalized, let it dry overnight. Go back with magnification and an X-ACTO® blade to gently clean off any excess glue. This adds to a professional appearance.

The end results are stunning, unusual and will be cherished for years. Remember to tell the receivers of your crystalized toasting glasses to wash them gently by hand in warm soapy water. Enjoy!

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