Hair Accessory with Acrylic Cabochon, Seed Beads and Wyla Fabric

Cut a 6-foot length of FireLine® thread. Thread a beading needle almost doubling the thread (to make it easier to work with) but leaving a tail so you are working with only one thread.

Place a Bead Stopper™ or a stop bead on the opposite end of the thread leaving an approximately 6-inch tail.
String enough color-lined silver #11 seed beads to fit around the diameter of the 33mm hibiscus flower cameo, bringing the beads toward the end of the thread. (Verify there is an even number of seed beads.) Pass the needle through the entire set of seed beads then through the first seed bead once more, creating a ring. (This is the base row.)

Tip: If desired, tie a knot to secure the seed beads.
Continue to string one #11 seed bead then pass the needle through the third #11 seed bead in the base row (skipping the second #11 seed bead). Continue the tubular peyote stitch around the entire base row: by stringing one #11 seed bead, skip a #11 seed bead and pass your needle through the next #11 seed bead from the base row. (This will make a total of three rows.)
Pass the needle through the first seed bead added in Step 3 then create a fourth row of #11 seed beads and two rows of ceylon light aqua #15 rocailles.
Stitch back through adjacent rocailles and #11 seed beads to secure this half of the bezel, exiting a #11 seed bead in the first row. Insert the 33mm hibiscus flower cameo into the bezel then repeat Steps 3 and 4 to create the second half of the bezel and secure the cameo in place.

Once the bezel is complete pass the needle through several adjacent rocailles and seed beads to secure the end of the thread then trim excess. Remove the Bead Stopper from the tail then thread a needle and secure the tail as well. Trim excess thread from the tail.
Cut an approximately 6x6 inch piece of shiny silver Wyla tulle, one 10x6 piece of matte white Wyla tulle and one 1-foot length of white 1/4 inch organza ribbon.
Fold the white tulle in half then fold each end over, slightly overlapping the ends in the center.

Thread a needle and loosely sew through the center of the folded tulle creating a bow. Pull the thread tight then wrap the thread around the center of the bow. Secure and trim excess thread.
Fold the silver piece of tulle into three even sections then fold the piece in half. Sew the ends of the silver tulle to the center of the white tulle, on the back side.
Mix Devcon® 5 Minute® Epoxy according to manufacturer's instructions. Apply a generous amount of epoxy to the back side of the cameo. Arrange the length of organza ribbon in loops along one edge of the cameo, with approximately 1/2 inch of each end hanging off the opposite end.
Press the center of the front side of the white tulle bow into the epoxy then allow to dry.

Apply a generous amount of E-6000® to the back side of the tulle bow then press the flat pad on the hair clip into the adhesive. Set aside to dry for approximately 8 hours. Thread a needle and sew through the loop behind the flat pad on the hair clip and the center of the folded tulle for added security. Secure and trim excess thread.

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