Multi-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Seed Beads and Gunmetal-Plated Copper Chain

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Circles represent powerful symbols of love in jewelry. It is believed that the ancient Egyptian shen, a loop of rope in the form of a circle, symbolized the eternal because it had no beginning and no end. They held that this symbol of ...


Cut nine 1-1/2 foot lengths of FireLine® thread and two 3-inch lengths of Zebra Wire™.

Separate one 7-1/2 inch length of triple round chain, beginning with the triple round in the center of the chain.
Pour one package of Dyna-Mites™ jade green #11 seed beads into the Speedy Stringer™ bowl. Thread the "J" shape needle onto the end of one length of thread then place a Bead Stopper™ on the opposite.

String approximately 12 inches of seed beads onto the thread. Repeat to string three strands of jade green seed beads.

Repeat to string three strands of amethyst purple and three strands of purple seed beads.
Match up one end of the strands and tie an overhand knot close to the seed beads. Apply a small amount of E-6000® Fray Lock™ to the knot to secure.
Begin forming a wrapped loop on one end of one length of Zebra Wire. Insert the straight end of the wire through one knotted end then finish the wrapped loop.

String one 11mm textured round tube cord end (covering the knot) and one 3mm round onto the straight end of the wire then form a wrapped loop.
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to finish the opposite end of the necklace.

Use one 6mm twisted jumpring to attach one 17x10mm lobster claw clasp to one end of the necklace. Repeat to attach the last link on one end of the chain to the opposite end.


Separate two 41mm and two 24mm brushed rounds from the chain.
Pass one 6mm twisted jumpring through one of each size round then close. Use one 6mm twisted jumpring to attach the previous jumpring to one fishhook earwire.

Repeat to create a second earring.

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