Earrings with Premo! Sculpey® Polymer Clay

Condition zinc yellow Premo! Sculpey polymer clay by hand or by running through a polymer clay roller until it's soft and pliable.
Extrude a long round section of clay. Carefully wrap one end of the clay around one 48mm hoop earring, close to the earwire. Bring the clay through the center of the hoop and around the opposite side of the hoop, in the opposite direction.

  • If additional extruded sections are needed, press one end of the new section into the end of the previous section then continue to wrap
  • Be aware of possible cracks in the clay and smooth any cracks before moving on
Use a blade to remove any excess clay from the end of the section then press the end into the channel.
Extrude a new section of clay. Wrap one end of the clay around the bare area on the hoop, close to the previous clay. Continue around the overlapping clay in the center of the hoop then wrap around the hoop.

Continue to wrap around the overlapping clay in the center and hoop until the bare area is covered. Trim excess clay then gently tuck the end under the previous wrap.
Repeat Steps 2 - 4 to create a second earring then bake according to manufacturer's instructions.

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