Bracelet with Porcelain Beads and Macrame Waxed Cotton Cord

Cut eight 3-foot lengths of turquoise blue 0.5mm waxed cotton cord.

Gather all eight lengths of cord together and match up one end of the cords.
Apply a small amount of E-6000® Fabri-Fuse™ to the inside of one 10x5mm ribbon crimp end then insert the matched ends of the turquoise cord.

Close the ribbon crimp end and allow adhesive to dry according to manufacturer's instructions.
Take the first cord, furthest to the outside on one side, and lay it across the four closest adjacent cords. This will be the anchor cord for this side.

Pass the second cord, adjacent to the first, over the anchor strand and through the loop then pull snug (this is a half-hitch knot). Repeat to create a double half-hitch knot.
Pass the third cord over the anchor strand and create a double half-hitch knot slightly lower than the previous knot.

Repeat with the fourth cord to create a diagonal pattern.

Tip: The diagonal pattern will be moving inward and downward.
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 using the remaining cords on the opposite side creating a mirror image of the diagonal pattern.

Tie the two anchor cords in the middle of the diagonal knots. String your choice of blue or yellow 18x13mm porcelain fish.

The remaining six cords will be brought behind the fish to begin the next set of double half-hitch knots.
Repeat Steps 3 - 4 knotting from the inside to outside using the anchor cords that are now on the inside of the cords.

Tip: The diagonal pattern will be moving outward and downward in this instance.
Repeat Steps 3 - 6 to create a total of seven sets of fish and double half-hitch knot sections.

Tip: The overall concept with this design is to create a diagonal affect by placing the knots in a diagonal pattern. You may need to practice this a few times to get the diagonal pattern you like.
Trim the end of the cords to 1/4 of an inch after the last set of double half-hitch knots then repeat Step 2.
Pass one 6mm jumpring through the loop on one ribbon crimp end on one end of the bracelet then close.

Pass one 4mm jumpring through the loop on the remaining crimp end and the loop on one lobster claw clasp then close.

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