Bracelet with Swarovski® Crystals, Macrame Imitation Silk Cord and Gold-Plated Brass Chain

Cut two 9-inch lengths of 5mm rolo chain and two 4-foot lengths of purple 1mm imitation silk cord.
Match up the ends of the lengths of cord then fold them in half. Insert the folded ends of the cords into one crimp end. Compress the center section of the tube to secure.

Insert the crimp into the clip on the sketch board.
Pass one outside strand (working strand) over the center (anchor) strands. Pass strand 4, on the opposite side, under the anchor strands and up through the loop (created by strand 1) then pull snug. (This is a half square knot.)
String the first two links on one length of rolo chain onto strand 1 and the first two links from the second length of chain onto strand 4. Create a second half square knot using the fourth strand (the side where strand one used to be).

Continue to string two links of chain onto each strand then form half square knots along, beginning with the same side, causing the cord to twist.

Note: It's important to begin with the strand on the same side each time; alternating sides will cause a flat pattern.
Once the links in each chain have been used, insert the ends of the strands into one crimp end. Pull the cord so the crimp rests snug against the knotted end then crimp.
String one tanzanite 4mm round onto one 3/4 inch headpin then from a simple loop. Repeat to create a total of 15 tanzanite 4mm round drops.

Repeat to create 14 light topaz 6mm round drops.
Use one 4mm jumpring to attach one tanzanite 4mm round drop to the approximately seventh link from one end of one rolo chain. Repeat to attach one light topaz 6mm round drop to the second link from the previous. Continue to attach alternating drops to approximately every other link on the rolo chain on the same side, leaving approximately seven links on the opposite end.

Use one 4mm jumpring to attach one lobster claw clasp to the loop on one crimp end.

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