Bracelet with Macrame Imitation Silk Cord and Silver-Plated ''Pewter'' Beads

Cut four 6-foot lengths of purple 1mm imitation silk cord.
Fold one 6-foot length of cord in half then attach it to one loop of a 4-strand end bar using a lark's head knot. Repeat to attach the remaining lengths of cord to the remaining loops on the end bar.
Choose the outermost cord on one side to be the anchor cord. Beginning with the cord next to the anchor (working cord), create a half-hitch knot, looping it around the anchor cord. Pull the working cord tight to secure.

Repeat with each consecutive working cord, creating half-hitch knots around the anchor cord until the last cord has been used. This is the first horizontal half-hitch row.

  • Pin the single loop side of the end bar in place to keep the pattern even and in place
  • Pin the anchor cord in place while tying knots with the working cords
With the same anchor cord, repeat Step 3 in the opposite direction to create a second row.
Thread one 5x3mm textured rondelle onto every other cord, leaving a gap of two cords between the middle two rondelles.
Repeat Step 3 to create another row of horizontal half-hitch knots around the anchor cord.

Tip: At this point, number your cords 1 - 8 starting with the anchor cord.
String one 6x5mm ribbed round tube onto the center two cords (4 and 5). These two cords will now be the anchor cords with 1 - 3 and 6 - 8 being the working cords.
Create a 45-degree diagonal half-hitch knot pattern with cords 3, 2 and 1, looping them around cord 4, beginning just under the tube bead.

Repeat the diagonal half-hitch knot pattern using cords 6 - 8 with cord 5 as the anchor.

Note: Cords 4 and 5 are now on the outside with the inside being 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8.
String one 5x3mm textured rondelle onto cord 4 and 5.
Create a 45-degree diagonal half-hitch knot pattern in the opposite direction with cords 3, 2 and 1, around cord 5, beginning just under the rondelle, bringing cord 5 back to the center.

Weave cords 6 - 8 back and forth through cords 1 - 3, creating a cross-hatch pattern.

Repeat the diagonal half-hitch knot row with cords 6 - 8, bringing cord 4 back to the center.

  • The outer three working cords on each side will now be on opposite sides of the anchors
  • The pattern of half-hitch rows should resemble a diamond, with a cross-hatch pattern of working cords in the center
Repeat Steps 7 - 10 until the desired length is achieved, leaving approximately 1/2 inch for the end pattern.
Repeat Steps 3 - 6 in the opposite direction to create the opposite end of the bracelet.

Pass each cord through the loops of one 4-strand end bar (two cords per loop similar to Step 2). Create one row of horizontal half-hitch knots using one of the outer cords as the anchor, securing the cord.

Use a craft needle to thread each end of cord back through each half-hitch knot in the previous row, exiting through the underside of the bracelet.

Apply E6000® Fray Lock® to the cords where they are threaded through the last row of knots and let dry. Trim excess cord once the adhesive is dry.
Pass one 6mm jumpring through one 20x11mm double-sided flower lobster claw clasp and the single loop on one end bar then close.

Attach one 6mm jumpring to the other end bar.

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