Wrap Bracelet with Picture Jasper Gemstone Beads, Cat's Eye Glass Beads and Mexican Opal and Epoxy Gemstone Beads

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This week's fall-inspired braided leather wrap bracelet is right on trend with a naturally beautiful style statement. Wrap bracelets are popular and add an organic feel to any look. The extender chain made from jumprings allows for easy size adjustment, creating the perfect fit for anyone. This bracelet draws attention to the wrist and pairs well with ...


String one fire 5.5-6mm round onto a 1-inch headpin then form a simple loop.
Pass one 7mm jumpring though the simple loop and one 7mm jumpring then close. Continue to connect seven more jumprings creating an extender chain.
Cut one 15-inch length of 5mm braided leather cord.
String the following onto the cord:
  • One 11mm woven braid
  • One Mexican opal 14x9mm rondelle
  • One clear 12x4mm beaded rondelle
  • One picture jasper 12x9mm rondelle
  • One 9x5mm braided rondelle
Apply a generous amount of E6000® Fray Lock™ adhesive approximately 5 inches from the end the cord. String one orange cat's eye rondelle over the adhesive on the cord.
Careful not to disturb the cat's eye rondelle, continue to string the following:
  • One 11mm woven braid
  • One picture jasper 14x8mm rondelle
  • One mahogany obsidian 14x8mm rondelle
  • One clear 12x4mm beaded rondelle
Repeat Step 3 to attach a cat's eye rondelle 5 inches from the opposite end of the cord. Allow the adhesive to dry according to manufacturer's instructions.
Insert one end of the cord into one 7x6mm crimp with loop then compress the center of the crimp. Repeat to attach one crimp with loop to the opposite end of the cord.
Use 6mm jumprings to attach the lobster claw clasp to one end of the cord. Repeat to attach the extender chain to the opposite end with a 7mm jumpring.

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