Bracelet with Chainmaille

Attach one 12mm silver jumpring to a large paper clip, or a length of wire. This will allow an easy grip while the chainmaille is short. Open the remaining jumprings.

Tip: When working with this chainmaille pattern, opening all jumprings prior to starting will make working with the design much easier.
Pass one 8mm dark blue jumpring through the starting 12mm silver jumpring then close. Repeat to attach a second dark blue jumpring, creating double-jumprings.

Attach one silver 12mm jumpring to both 8mm dark blue jumprings. Repeat to attach a second silver jumpring.
Attach two more dark blue 8mm jumprings to the previous two 12mm silver jumprings.

Pass one 12mm silver jumpring between the previous two 12mm silver jumprings from Step 2 and around the outside of the two 8mm dark blue rings without passing through the center of any rings, then close. This is called a floater jumpring because it is not attached to any other jumpring.

Tip: For more information, view our ''How to Start a Celtic Line in Chainmaille'' how-to video.
Attach one 12mm silver jumpring to the previous two 8mm dark blue jumprings to one side of the floater jumpring. Repeat to attach a second silver jumpring on the opposite side of the floater.
Repeat Steps 3 and 4, stopping approximately 1/2 inch short from the desired length to leave room for the clasp.
Attach the clasp using dark blue double jumprings to the last two 12mm silver jumprings added in Step 5.

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