Bracelet with Hemptique Polished Bamboo Cord

Friendship bracelets are making a comeback. Learn to make a basket weave friendship bracelet with jewelry designer LauraLynn. She uses three colors of bamboo cord and works the pattern with forward and backward half hitch knots. This bracelet uses two of the four standard double half-hitch knots used in all friendship bracelet patterns: the forward knot and the backward knot.

Cut the following lengths of 1mm Hemptique cord:
  • Four 4-foot lengths of green
  • Four 4-foot lengths of blue
  • Four 4-foot lengths of orange
Gather all twelve lengths of cord so the ends are even. Loosely tie an overhand knot at one end to keep the cords together but so it can be untied easily later.

Using a binder clip, insert the loose knot inside the binder clip. This will allow you to tug on the cords without tightening the knot.
Separate the cords and line up the cords in the following order from left to right:
  • Four orange
  • Four blue
  • Four green
Tip: Number the cords 1-12 to keep track of which cords you are working with throughout the instructions.

Note: When working on this pattern, the outer and center colors will alternate as you work down the pattern. The center color will always be the base color for the working forward and backward knots.

The Forward Knot

Begin by taking the left-most orange cord (working cord) and form the number "4", crossing over the top of the next orange cord (base). Pass the tail of the "4" around the bottom of the second orange cord and bring it up through the center of the "4." While holding the second cord tight, pull the knot up to the base of the clip to secure. Repeat using the same working cord and the same base cord. This completes the first double half-hitch "forward" knot.
Repeat Step 4 six more times, continuing to use the number 1 orange cord as the working cord and the number 3 - 8 cords as the base.
Using the number 2 orange cord as the new working cord, create six forward knots using cords 3 - 8 as the base for each knot.
Use the number 3 orange cord as the working cord to create five forward knots with cords 4 - 8 as the base.
Use the number 4 orange cord to create four forward knots with cords 5 - 8 as the base.

This will leave the four orange cords now in the center of the twelve but in the opposite order (4 - 1).

The Backward Knot

Set the four blue cords now on the left to the side. Take the right-most (number 12) green cord and make a backward "4" (so the tail points out to the left), going over the top of the number 11 (base) green cord. Pass the tail around the bottom of the base and up through the loop of the "4." Pull the half-hitch up to the top and tighten, creating the first double half-hitch "backward" knot.
Using backward knots, mirror Steps 5 - 8 using the green cords as the working cords and the orange cords as the base.
Repeat Steps 4 - 10, using forward knots when working with the left color and backward knots when working with the right color until the length of the weave pattern is approximately 5 inches long or the desired length.

Finishing the Bracelet

Bunch each of the three colors together into three groups. Begin to braid the colors together to form a braid approximately six inches long. This will allow a little extra room at the end to tie a knot. In the design above, the knot is approximately five inches from the end of the basket weave.

Once finished, apply E6000® Fray Lock™ to the knot. For a very secure knot, make sure to apply the adhesive to the entire outer part of the knot and use a toothpick to get the adhesive in between the cords. Set aside to cure, then trim the knot very close to the base.
Remove the design from the binder clip and undo the loose knot at the top.

Repeat Step 12 to finish the bracelet.

The pieces featured in the Gallery of Designs are copyrighted designs and are provided for inspiration only. We encourage you to substitute different colors, products and techniques to make the design your own.

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