Krystal Backer

Introduce Yourself:

I'm from a small town in Iowa. My inspiration is my son and nature. I find watching my son learn makes me want to learn. The different seasons I see in Iowa influence what I make also. I'm most proud of my Stain Glass line because it is my first original design.

Share Your Background:

As a child I was always searching for my artistic talent. My dad is musically gifted and paints. I, on the other hand, got none of his talent. When I was ten I found my artistic talent in making jewelry. My mom gave me some beads and I started stringing. As a teenager I had a great friend who taught me how to make hemp necklaces. I taught myself bead-weaving techniques. I found Fire Mountain Gems and Beads through a Google search and loved it from the first time.

Beading Success!

Jewelry-making plays a big part in my life. I use my jewelry-making as a way to relax after chasing a toddler all day. I also use making jewelry as a creative outlet.