Anne Bredon

Anne Bredon

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Contest 2010 featuring Seed Beads


Anne Bredon

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Contest 2010 featuring Seed Beads


Meet the Designer-Artist

Where do you live?
North Fork, California

Describe your artistic style.
Native American seed beading: Loom and brick stitch, also Navajo-style rug weaving, net and stringing with seed beads and heishi.

What inspires you as a designer-artist?
Many things--a colorful stone to make a pendant and bead a chain for--designing Pow-Wow gowns for our Pow-Wow green--adapting/recreating old beadwork.

What materials do you most enjoy working with?
Seed beads, seed beads, seed beads, freeform stones, nuggets, turquoise chunks and beads.

What is the name of the piece you submitted with your success story?
Sullen Flame Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings and Heart of Darkness Necklace

What inspired this design?
"Sullen Flame"--I dreamed of a long figure: matte black with flame. "Heart of Darkness"--a native American net design that seemed appropriate to place a hematite heart in--both were planned to some extent, but did evolve--basic concept.

Share Your Background

When and how did you begin making jewelry/beading?
Making medicine pouches for members of my Shamanic Circle.

Who introduced you to beading?
Books--I can learn from them unlike some creators who have to be shown. Also, my son took a beading strip workshop at a "Ren" fair and showed me.

Do you have an artistic background?
B.A.: Art Major at Humboldt State, Then an M.A. in Media at UC Berkeley: My work involves both disciplines.

How did you discover Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®?
We live in a very small town and I do not drive, so I do much mail order business.

What other hobbies do you have?
Cryptic crosswords, double crostics, reading, Navajo rug weaving--preparing basketry materials for my housemates.

Do you belong to any beading societies or beading groups?
Only the Sierra Mono Museum in North Fork, California. We have craft days and I also teach beading at the Intermountain Nursery in Auberry, California once a year.

Beading Success

What role does jewelry-making play in your life?
Part-time career, which I do for love and sell because I can't stop doing it. I have a small gallery, open two days a week, showing my jewelry and my late husband's photos. A shop in Oakhurst has some of my designs and a web page that shows them.

If you used jewelry-making as a way to bring in income, how are you selling yourself and your jewelry?
I go to Pow-Wows and Indian Markets, some craft fairs and I am on Sierra Art Trails in October.

Do you participate in any charity fundraisers?
I donate a piece and one of my late husband's photos to many causes around our area.

Any advice for aspiring jewelry-artists?
Do it for love--you will not make even minimum wage--If I make enough to keep me in beads I'm content.

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