Joyce Bugaiski

Joyce Bugaiski

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
2009 Jewelry Making Contest

Introduce Yourself:

My Native heritage inspires me as a designer-artist. My artistic style is mostly Native American style. The creation that I am most proud of is my buckskin regalia. It took me two years to create. All of the beads are from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, of course.

Share Your Background:

My friend Kathryn introduced me to the loom. From there I got the ''fever'' very bad indeed. My friend Anita told me of this wonderful place to buy beads. The rest is history. Fire Mountain is the only place to buy beads.

Beading Success!

Jewelry-making plays a very large role in my everyday life. All of my tribal regalia, bags, moccasins, fan handles, pipes, rattles, etc. are done with beads from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. I would truly be at a loss without them.