Rosiland Burch

Rosiland Burch

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Jewelry-Making Contest 2010 featuring Swarovski crystal


Meet the Designer-Artist

Rosiland Burch designs carry a sense of style. Like soft and sensuous flowery blossoms that hang anew on the freshly awakened tree branch. They are feminine like the slightly hidden sparkle of a woman's eye under her lashes as she takes visual pictures of the stars. In one-of-a-kind and limited-production handmade jewelry, Rosiland brings passion and quality to those wearing it.

Rosiland's work embodies life and purpose. Her original designs combine the elegance and femininity in the emotional feelings of the wearer. The materials used, speaks to the essence of the soul. The crystals twinkle ever so slightly as they lay side by side with the precious metals in between. They continue to speak softly as the gemstones come into play to compliment the sparkling crystal's beauty. The other precious metal components join the crystals and gemstones together to bring together the essence of the jewelry's unspoken vision.

Share Your Background

I grew up in the DC Metropolitan Area and I spent a lot of time playing with dirt and rocks as a child. I would sit and stare at the rocks for hours (even today, my children collect rocks for me to look at in my spare time). Then, there were times when I would pick the honeysuckles off of the bushes to smell the sweet fragrance of the flower. Also, I would stare at the white and yellow colors in that flower and I would become instantly mesmerized.

Now, I pay close attention to all of the colors in each seasonal change. The colors of the flowers in the spring and summer speaks to my spirit daily. As a result, if interest in the flower's colors as well as their beauty, I have started taking pictures of every flower blossom I see on a daily basis.

I took some jewelry design classes at Prince George's Community College in 2007. I currently attend Breyer University in California, majoring in art history. Also, I am a gemology student at the Gemological Institute of America. At this time, I am an accredited jewelry professional (AJP) and a graduate colored stone specialist (GCCS). I intend to further my education by studying forensic gemology (studying the chemical treatment process in gemstones).

Realizing that my love for gems, Swarovski crystals, beads and flowers had begun to take over my spirit and consume my body like fire. I know I had to act on opportunities within me that wanted to live outside of me in the form of unlimited creativity. Once I understood that my love for art and gems as well as baubles could come together as I had envisioned, my world was never the same.

After selling jewelry for two independent jewelry companies for some years, I have embarked on my own process of design. That feeling of putting on a piece of jewelry and having it be something that you are proud to wear while at the same time, it makes you feel beautiful, loved, treasured and strong. These are the feelings I strive to capture with my work.

Professional memberships:
  • Beads Society of Washington, DC
  • GIA Alumni Association, DC and CA chapters
  • American Gem Trade Associaton
  • Women's Jewelry Assosication, DC
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