Introduce Yourself:

I love to be able to express myself with jewelry making! It started as a hobby and now it is my most favorite pastime. Besides that, all the women in my family and all my friends (including some guys) are always giving me hints of what they want. So now I don't buy any gifts for any occasion--I make them!

Share Your Background:

I went to India and was inspired by their large selection of jewelry, semi-precious stones and great prices. I bought peals and wood beads and decided that I was going to learn how to make my own necklaces. When I got back from the trip a friend took me to a store where I took a course in jewelry making. I met a classmate and we became best friends. Now we get together every chance we can just to make jewelry ... we give each other ideas.

At first we used to buy materials in the store where we took classes, then my oldest daughter suggested Fire Mountain Gems and Beads because that's where a friend of hers was buying her supplies. When I checked it out, I saw the convenience and great prices. Now my friend and I order together and we save gas and time!

Beading Success!

To me, this is a hobby, a relaxation, a way to spend quality time with my best friend and it's therapy!

It gives me such pleasure, intense concentration and it makes me very happy when others ask me, ''Did you make that?'' I smile and say yes! The only problem is now everybody wants me to make them something and I don't have enough time to do it! Whenever I have a few minutes I don't watch TV. I make a new pair of earrings or bracelet. And on the weekends ... well, my friend and I even forget to eat! Our plans for the weekend start with jewelry making then dinner and maybe a movie. But sometimes we don't want to stop to go out for dinner and we end up eating something real quick just to continue what we are doing. I think we are now completely enamored with this hobby. I love it and I think it is the best hobby I've ever had!