Lisa Coen

Lisa Coen
Meet the Designer-Artist

A copywriter for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®, Lisa learned jewelry design on the job. Before joining the company, she made earrings and bracelets--mostly for family and friends--but after two and a half years at Fire Mountain, her supply of beads and jewelry-making supplies has grown considerably. "It's a job hazard. My entire beading supply used to fit in a tote my best friend bought for me 15 years ago--now it takes up a quarter of our office space at home. The trouble is finding the time to play with all the stuff!"

Lisa still designs jewelry for friends and family (and sometimes herself) and has also created a design for one of the Fire Mountain Fashion Spotlight trends. She is excited to have the opportunity to design more pieces in the future.

Share Your Background

With a background in writing, film and music, she loves movies, music and writing--in her off hours she writes a humorous blog about growing up in Northern California in the '70s. A transplant from California, Lisa lives in Southern Oregon with her fiancé, his son and a neglected jewelry supply.

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