Fatima Epes

Pink Passion
Meet the Designer-Artist

Where do you live?
Suisun City, California

Describe your artistic style.
I like several styles, I primarily do one of a kind (or no more than 3 with differences). I like providing necklace and earrings.

What inspires you as a designer-artist?
Color sometimes, seasons ... or just seeing something that is grand will make me think jewelry! :-)

What materials do you most enjoy working with?
That is hard, I like it all.

What is the name of the piece you submitted with your success story?
Pink Passion

What inspired this design?
Just the beauty of the beads themselves.

How did it come together?
It defined itself once I got started.

Share Your Background

When and how did you begin making jewelry/beading?
2010 - I saw some beautiful things being made.

Who introduced you to beading?
My best friend/mentor/sister/pastor ... Veronica 'Vicky' Nutt.

Do you have an artistic background?
More creative than artistic.

How did you discover Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®?
From Vicky.

What other hobbies do you have?
Writing, reading, speaking.

Do you belong to any beading societies or beading groups?
No, not yet.

Beading Success

What role does jewelry-making play in your life?
I have a running joke: 'hi, my name is Fatima, and I am a beader. And the group responds ... hi Fatima' in the vernacular of AA or NA ... lol I am making it a career.

If you used jewelry-making as a way to bring in income, how are you selling yourself and your jewelry?
I had a website, but it was selling faster than I could get it online ... so, so far word of mouth and visual.

Do you participate in any charity fundraisers?
I have ... but not frequently.

Any advice for aspiring jewelry-artists?
Do what you love, and love what you do. It will show in your work.