Judi Fabian

Introduce Yourself:

Even as a child I loved sparkly things. I have always admired styles that are just a little different than the norm, not way out, but just a little odd. Though I admire traditional art, my taste in jewelry is something that would be noticed by other people.

I love seeing books, with all the different stones and beads. It makes me want to go right out and do it!

Share Your Background:

I was introduced to beading by a co-worker who brought in some of her creations. I was immediately interested. She had a Fire Mountain Gems and Beads catalog and that was it--I was hooked! Fire Mountain Gems and Beads was the first catalog I ever ordered from and I find the quality superb. The variety and the styles highlighted in the pages are inspiring. The best piece I have made to date came from one of the catalogs. I ordered everything on the materials list and had no trouble replicating it. The instructions were clear and well written.

Beading Success!

I am now retired so I can devote more time to making jewelry. I've come a long way in one year and I plan to make it a ''second career.'' I have had some success selling my creations. My business is called Judi's Gems. I feature one-of-a-kind items. I have been applying to craft fairs as a vendor. I guess that will tell the tale!

The picture shows one of the first necklaces I created. It's copper wire with a moss agate pendant. It was beautiful and I was absolutely thrilled when it was the first piece I sold.