Diana Frisch

Enchanted Butterfly Valley
Meet the Designer-Artist
I don't think I have a certain style. To me, it is VERY important to have a connection with every piece. If not, it will not be finished. I feel like every one of my creations has a part of me within it and they are one-of-a-kinds, unless someone orders matching pieces for a wedding or as a remembrance. I pride myself in not commercially making the same pieces over and over just because they are a great seller.

The piece I am most proud of is Scarlett Hues, which I created in 2007 for the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' beading contest. I had only begun beading about six months prior and "Scarlett Hues" was selected as a finalist. Now two years later, I believe Enchanted Butterfly Valley is one of the most stunning pieces I have ever created. It was inspired by one of those days by the creek last summer. I jotted down the idea and was so happy when I actually found links that almost matched my "drawings." I have entered two pieces in the 2009 Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' beading contest--Enchanted Butterfly Valley and Fit for a Queen.

Share Your Background
I've always liked crafting, but I got into beading because I was tired of paying high prices for low-quality jewelry. I was intrigued by the idea of creating exactly what I wanted or needed. Friends and family loved my designs, and my jewelry was great for special gifts.

Discovering Fire Mountain Gems and Beads was awesome. Here in Germany, beading supplies are so expensive and choices are limited. When I had just begun beading, an acquaintance found the large Fire Mountain Gems catalog at a local thrift shop and bought it for me. Ever since then, I do 99% of my shopping with Fire Mountain Gems. Every now and then, when I am in need of something quick, I'll go to a local shop, but the pickings are slim. So, I always make sure I have everything on hand in larger quantities.

Beading Success
Jewelry making has a very important role in my life. It's my creative outlet. It relaxes me and is a great stress reliever. I enjoy giving my jewelry as gifts and seeing how it lights up faces. I pride myself in making one-of-kind pieces. I do not create jewelry for the money - it's just a hobby, my hobby.

Every piece is special to me and I have to have a connection with it. If I don't connect, it will be taken apart. Everyone who receives my jewelry as a gift or who buys a piece, receives a part of me with it. That's what is important to me. It's still weird when people call me an artist, I'm just having fun.

The biggest compliment I've ever received was when Theresa Flores Geary, artist and author of the book Native American Beadwork, traded jewelry with me and commented on my "great workmanship."

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