Mihaela Georgescu

A beaded poem for my mother
Meet the Designer-Artist

Where do you live?
I live in Thionville (Lorraine), in the North of France.

What inspires you as a designer-artist?
I am inspired by my love for beads and jewelry. I am also inspired by fabric patterns, paintings, Art Deco jewelry and in fact any kind of jewelry. I start from an idea, something I have seen and caught my eye, but I don't know where this will get me. I change my mind frequently and more than everything I let the beads guide me.

What medium do you work with mostly?
I love bead embroidery. It's like painting with beads. And I love painting also. I paint on fabric, glass, wooden boxes. I do all these creative things for fun, but what really makes me happy is beading and especially bead embroidery.

Why did you become enchanted with this style of jewelry-making?
I was searching for a way to express myself. I have been working as a translator and interpreter for 10 years and all I did was to interpret some else's ideas. It was time for me to let my love for art and color take control of me and thus express my true self. When I had seen for the first time a bead embroidered necklace, it was love at first sight. It seemed amazing and difficult and as I love challenges, I started to study everything there was to know about bead embroidery.

Where and How do you sell your jewelry?
I intend to sell my designs because I don't do them for myself. I do them to make other women happy because I think that wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry makes a woman feel more self-confident and happier. I am working on my Etsy store.

What is the name of the piece you submitted with your success story?
A beaded poem for my mother

What inspired this design?
This is a homage to my mother. I beaded this bracelet thinking of my mother. She is always supportive of me, whatever I decide to do. And she taught me that I can do everything I really want to do. And this is my way of saying that I will make her proud of me as I am proud of my son (I know now how difficult a thing it is to be a parent). Sometimes is difficult to be 2000 km away from your mom.

How did it come together?
Even though I am trying to plan it out, in the end it’s totally different from the idea I had in mind but I like the sense of freedom that I experience just by thinking that I can change my mind in any moment and go with my inspiration.