Christine Haynes

Introduce Yourself:

Beautiful things in nature, flipping through magazines and catalogs, and just ''playing'' with beads and findings can really inspire me to design jewelry. I often go into a project without a plan--I simply let the beautiful beads lead the way. Of course, there are times I wake up in the middle of the night with a really great design idea and can barely keep myself from working on it right away.

My artistic style is undefined and I like it that way. Why put yourself in a box? The creation I am most proud of (besides my two little girls) is the very first piece of jewelry I ever made. It's a choker-style necklace with large faux pearls "floating" on wire. I made the piece for myself and someone actually offered to buy it right off my neck! I made another one just for her--she purchased it and wore it every day. Then everyone wanted one and they all came to me--it was chaos! It was great! And, many years later, I still have that necklace.

Share Your Background:

I happened upon beading all on my own. I've always dabbled in something artistic, in one form or another. My mother was an artist and a seamstress, so I was always in the middle of something creative. One day a favorite necklace broke and I tried my hand at fixing it. I realized that I really enjoyed the jewelry creation process. I made that first floating pearl necklace and it slowly grew from there.

Living in New York there were no boundaries to feeding my need to bead. There are bead and notions shops all over 7th Avenue. I discovered Fire Mountain Gems and Beads through the many, many beading magazines I began to collect as my need for research material grew.

I decided to take my jewelry making to the next level and started Fezelry Jewelry Magazines became great resources and when I discovered Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, it was like heaven ... I got research, inspiration and more beads and findings then I could ever imagine.

Beading Success!

Jewelry-making plays a major role in my life, not only as a creative outlet and bonding time for me and my girls, but as my part-time profession. I am amazed at how something that started as a creative outlet turned into a successful profession. Not many people can say they truly love what they do for a living--I can!

The transition from hobbyist to professional designer/business owner has been awesome. I've designed jewelry for talk show hosts, fashion shows, photo shoots and even had the honor of being a contributor in Step-by-Step Wire and BeadStyle magazines. It's been a wonderful ride and so many doors have been opened. I hope to one day branch out and make jewelry design my only profession. For now, I simply look forward to many more years of making beautiful things.