Marion M. Ivey

Introduce Yourself:

I have always loved working with my hands. When I put beads together and smile, I know--this is the right chemistry.

My style is ''accent''--just enough to bring out you and your outfit. Not to overpower, just to accent. Thus, the name of my company--Natural Accents.

Just as I love my children, I love making jewelry. My children and my jewelry are my finest work. From the very basic pair of pearl earrings to the more intricate necklace and earrings sets, they are all my best work.

Share Your Background:

I was tired of wearing simple gold hoops or silver hoops. I wanted more color to go with my outfits. I had the basic knowledge of how to make earrings and went from there.

I found Fire Mountain Gems and Beads on the Internet. I wanted more beads for the money. I wanted a variety, too. Fire Mountain Gems has it all--the right price and the right quantity with 24-hour service.

Beading Success!

Now that I have retired from a 30-year job, I can decide what I want to do. I started a business making jewelry. I do about three craft shows per month. I know it is another ''job,'' but this time, it's on my terms!

Marion has a website to promote and sell her jewelry: