Natalie Laurijsen-Kopra

Design Idea 989D Necklace, Earring and Ring Set

Curacao Treasures
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 2008 Beading Contest
Freeform Expression - Jewelry
Category: Silver Medal Prize Winner

Natalie Laurijsen-Kopra

Peace in the World
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Jewelry-Making Contest 2018 featuring Seed Beads

Introduce Yourself:

Nearly everything I hear and see inspires me to create a design. Also, the people around me on my birth island, Curacao, in the Caribbean, help me a lot with my creations, by telling me things or showing me things. They put me thinking and I create from what I see or hear--their reactions also encourage me to go on with this hobby.

I always wanted my jewelry to be different than other designer's jewelry. This is one of the reasons I frequently make them with different colors, different measurements or different kinds of beads.

I'm also a teacher. Sometimes when I come home tired from working it's very relaxing to bead jewelry, to sit at my salon table and design my own unique creation.

Share Your Background:

I've always liked handiwork and have done a lot with paper and other materials in the past. While I lived in the Netherlands I saw a necklace on the market. I bought it. When I came home I thought, ''this is something I can make.'' I went to a hobby store in my town, bought beads and made it.

The reaction of people stimulates me to continue making jewelry. My goal is to be internationally recognized.

I moved back to Curacao in 2006. The beads here are not really what I want, and it is a little expensive if you buy a lot. That's when I searched the internet and God blessed me with Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

Beading Success!

I have plans to make this hobby my career, and I'm now working on making it happen.

I'm most proud of my design, Curacao Treasures, which won the silver medal in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 2008 Beading Contest in the ''Freeform Expression'' category. The people of my island are astonished that I can make something like that. Since then, I've been invited onto local television shows to talk about my hobby.

Like I said, it's very nice to hear the positive reactions of people about my jewelry. And they are right, because I won a prize with one of them.

Thank God for my very creative hands and mind.
God bless you.