Dianne Linderman

My whole life, people have tried to tell me that my ideas and dreams would never work, and that I should stick to a safe job. Society sets people up to believe that just getting a secure job is what we all should seek; everyone except for my father, who has the simple belief that, in America, you can be whatever your heart desires and you can teach yourself anything. My father's life's adventures have been an inspiration to me.

Over the past 30-plus years, I have worked as a counselor for troubled teenagers, owned my own restaurant, built a multi-million dollar company, owned a dozen businesses, started a publishing company, helped build a private school, authored an award-winning series of children's books, married my best friend, raised two incredible kids, and consulted for large companies.

Along the way I've also been a real estate investor, a motivational speaker and a parenting expert. I have had a few business failures and then worked my way back up to success. Recently, I have become a national radio talk show host and now I am starting my own magazine.

You may ask "why". Because I can! To me it is a personal freedom to be able to have an idea one day, and make it happen the next day. Do I fail? Absolutely. I love adventure, and failure is always part of true adventure, so bring it on!

My best lessons have been learned from my failures; nothing ventured, nothing gained. There are many people just like myself who have ideas and dreams and who are fearless in the pursuit of their visions. I call these groundbreakers, American Entrepreneurs. We have all graduated from the University of Life, paid for by the sweat of our brows!

However, many Americans have been made to doubt their ideas and dreams and feel that they will never account for much. I am at a place in my life where I want to help others experience adventure and seek to inspire them to be fearless in Life, Business, and Parenting, and even Cooking. These are the core of what makes us tick and the source of Everything That Matters! I look forward to hearing from you as we all work towards new adventures on "The Everything That Matters Radio Show," Saturdays 8:00 p.m. PT on station - KMED 1440AM, Medford, Oregon. You can also join us on the show's website www.everythingthatmattersradio.com, and, coming soon, Everything That Matters Magazine.

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