Candy Norcross

Introduce Yourself:

Nature, spiritual things of God, seashore items, animals, colors that are bright or muted soft colors inspire my designs. A very talented designer, named Keota, taught a class locally two years ago that really began a passion for beading that has grown in to a small business. My style is mostly traditional, leaning to Nature often. I like to place a Hummingbird in my pieces or in the clasp as that is my signature. Also I try to mix colors and different bead materials in a design. A collar design using tiny seed beads is one triumph that Keota greatly helped me complete. My fav of my own design is a triple strand Turquoise necklace, of blue shell teardrops, turquoise chips, blue crystals, blue spacers and some silver spacers with a seed bead and silver spoon clasp. I made earrings and a bracelet to match. This was the first design that I created from many lessons. The set has gotten compliments and some offers to purchase it.

Share Your Background

Having been a lifetime crafter, beading just came into the mix. Then two years ago the beading bug bit hard at a class taught by a very talented designer at a local venue. She is Keota, makes the most beautiful jewelry and is very patient. Keota told the class of Fire Mountain as well as several other beading suppliers. I have found Fire Mountain to have great quality, good prices and really good instructionals online.

Beading Success

Recently I began making jewelry for a profit. My home based business is called "Lookin' Pretty Jewelry by Candy," my men's line is "Jewelry For Him by Candy." As I hope to retire from Healthcare in the next year, this business will provide a supplement to a limited income. Three or more evenings a week are devoted to creating stock or getting ready for a craft show. Also I make designs for Bingo prizes at the nursing home where I work and gifts for family, friends, etc.