Valentine Veronica Norman

Valentina Veronica Norman

2009 Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Beading Contest Finalist

Introduce Yourself:
My inspiration comes from the flora and fauna here on our farm. The beautiful animals in our woods and fields. So many different colors of moose, bear and deer. The variety of birds and insects. All of nature's gorgeous flowers. Creation here is a daily living reality which influences and inspires everyone who lives close to the land.

I'm proud of my Crab Mola design because it turned out just as I pictured it in my ''mind's eye.'' I love the bright colors in it!

I was born and raised in the mountains of Panama. I came to the US with my husband in 2004 so he could begin chemo for an Agent Orange related illness. I live on our farm in Northern Maine with my husband and dog. My husband introduced me to beading with a book he purchased for me. I have always loved trying different crafts. I saw a Fire Mountain Gems and Beads beading book and fell in love with all the beads I had never before seen in my life. I just knew I could bead whatever I saw. A bird or bear, a flower or horse--it didn't matter. Whatever I tried to bead, it came out great. My husband loves my porcupine quill and beaded earrings. The more I bead, the more things I want to make. I'm crazy about making beautiful beaded jewelry. I even beaded my husband's cane. He loves it and receives positive comments about it all the time.

Beading is very important to me because it helps me to relax. After working very hard all day long on the farm, it has a calming and relaxing affect on my physical and emotional psyche. Beading is a positive force in my life.