Monica Lea O'Daniel

Monica Lea O'Daniel

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Contest 2010 featuring Seed Beads


Meet the Designer-Artist

My name is Monica Lea O'Daniel and I am a jewelry designer for Maude Lang, which is a company rather than a person. My sister and I, who co-own the company, just liked the name and both our initials are ML. We are located in Burlison, Tennessee, about seven miles from the Mississippi river.

I began collecting jewelry at about age six, during visits to the "treasure chest" in the dentist's office, as a reward for not biting him. Collecting turned to stringing, and then my sister came home with a Bead-Weaving magazine. She had been to a local pow-wow and seen beautiful peyote stitching. One dimension became three, with an exponential explosion of design possibilities.

Beads and gems are portable playthings, history lesson, international currency, inexhaustible medium and manifestation of the infinite variety of God the Father's creation. Beading requires, and therefore enhances, focus, patience and attention to detail. My sister found that she could actually lower her heart rate while bead-weaving.

Fire Mountain Gems has turned out to be an ally for our business with great prices on both the desireable and necessary for our projects and a wonderful source of connection with others who share our passion for bead art.

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