Crystal Peters

Meet the Designer-Artist

Crystal Peters, a Fire Mountain Gems and Beads employee since 2005, is a self-taught multimedia artist that enjoys turning the common into the unexpected. With upcycling and waste management at the core of her work, she loves transforming unwanted items in to beautiful or useful items.

She has been working with fibers since a very young age, and over the years has added different techniques. She started with crocheting with her fingers at the age of three or four, and then stated using a hook when she was about five. She was reading and working from patterns as soon as she could read. From there she went to embroidery, and quilt work. While living in Scotland she taught herself how to knit and to tat. She picked up jewelry making after starting at Fire Mountain Gems in 2005. With so many items in stock and new stock all the time, she couldn’t miss my chance to learn new skills and expand on old ones.

Later she found she could turn wasted paper, into beautiful beads. Since she already used her fabric waste into thimbles, why not used paper for beads. Now her house has paper beads hanging from candle sconces and stacks of read magazines and use wrapping paper just waiting to be turned in to beads. There are still stacks of fabric around along with jewelry and spinning supplies. This artist has enjoyed jumping from one project to the next and loves sharing her creations with the world.

What inspired you to donate your bead(s) to Circle of Hope?

I like to take things that would normally be trash and make treasures out of them. Most people don't believe that they are paper. They normally want to feel them.