Tova Rogers

Meet the Designer-Artist:

My inspiration comes from nature and the deep-set love I have for the ocean and the beach. I get inspired by walking on the beach--the tide gently caressing my ankles and mist in the air. I love the smell of the ocean as it embraces my heart and the sound of the sea gulls announcing to the world they are alive and ready for a wonderful day. And when the sun sets deep into the horizon, as it bids a fond farewell to the day, the moon ushers in the calming sound of the evening tides and my creativity is ignited.

Share Your Background:

I have spent the majority of my life making jewelry out of silver and turquoise, creating traditional Native American art. I focus my talents on traditional dream catchers (not the fluffy frilly ones you commonly see in travel gift shops), beaded earrings, chokers, other assorted traditional Native American art and silversmith jewelry.

I have always loved the ocean and beach combing. Several years ago during a trip to the beach, I was cleaning up trash as I was searching for bobbles and trinkets washed in by the tide and I found a spectacular piece of sea glass.

This was not like all the other pieces I had picked up in the past and tossed into the trash without a second thought. This was a rare, deep purple piece of sea glass that captured my imagination. Where had this piece come from? It was larger than the others I had found. Was it from an ancient pirate ship battle, or maybe a lost treasure that was destined to grace the supper table of royalty? I put the piece in my pocket much like a child tucks away a prized treasure in their secret hiding place. Much to my surprise, as I took another few steps, there were two more pieces that were almost the same shape but slightly smaller. I hurried to pick them up before the tide washed them away. I now had three pieces of the same rare, deep purple sea glass horded in my pockets for safe keeping. This was the beginning of my passion for Sea Glass Jewelry.

I am extremely proud of every piece I design simply because my work is inspired by the ocean itself. I have not found any other form of art that lets you wear and show off your cherished memories of the days you spent at the beach with loved ones.

The person that I have to thank for introducing me to beading is one of my high school art teachers, Ms. Ellen. This wonderful lady brought so much joy to everyone she taught in her classes. To this day, I still keep in touch with her. Oddly enough, her sister is my next door neighbor. It's a small world!

Beading Success!

Designing jewelry is a huge passion of mine. Not only has creating unique jewelry designs given me the ability to be self-employed, but it lets me share my passion for the ocean and the beach with everyone who wears my designs.

I found Fire Mountain Gems and Beads while searching the internet for display stands. I fell in love with the unique display stands you offer and ordered two for an upcoming show. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads gives me the opportunity to purchase my supplies at a great price and keep my business running smoothly and successfully.