Gereen Salkowski

Introduce Yourself:

Initially, I was inspired so that I could make myself a matching necklace and earring set for each professional outfit I owned. I enjoy being different and I enjoy being unique. Now I am inspired merely because I am talented and creative and I believe that I will become successful and will beat the odds. I will also become capable of sharing my talents with troubled women who are in need of learning a skill that can give them a new start in life. They too will beat the odds. It is also one thing that I possess that cannot be taken away. As a matter of fact, it can't even be duplicated.

My artistic style is different every time I make a necklace set. I look through my supplies and start preparing my vision. I'm not actually sure what my artistic style is, but I do know it is mine and it is unique.

I am proud of the coral and red jasper necklace shown. I am proud of it because I designed the style without getting ideas elsewhere. I designed the cluster design and then attached it to the shell pendant.

Share Your Background:

I introduced myself to beading many, many years ago. I began to make different jewelry for motorcycle apparel and then became bored and stopped. I discovered Fire Mountain Gems and Beads on Facebook.

Beading Success!

The role jewelry-making plays in my life is my future. I will follow my dreams and become a successful designer and manufacturer. I love to design jewelry and I look forward to learning all I humanly can about small business ownership, fashion, design, and how I can utilize my gifts/talents in assisting other struggling teenage women with a chance to become more than society will allow them to...