Charlotte Kingsley Stafford

Charlotte Kingsley Stafford

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Jewelry-Making Contest 2010 featuring Gemstones


Meet the Designer-Artist

Where do you live?
I live in Santa Rosa, California

What inspires you as a designer-artist?
Colors and feelings of stones.

What materials do you most enjoy working with?
Stones, natural stones, some metals.

What is the name of the piece you submitted with your success story?

What inspired this design?
This started with angelite. I mixed red agate and arranged and rearranged. Suddenly removed the red and added the crystal quartz and gold coloring and that was that! There is a bracelet to accompany.

Share Your Background

When and how did you begin making jewelry/beading?
A few years ago, my cousin-in-law made necklaces. I was assigned to reproduce them as requested, which I did a few times. Then I started experimenting and have expanded to my own.

Do you have an artistic background?
Very little. No formal training. Physical dancing and a little music.

How did you discover Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®?
Through friends who live in Cave Junction, Oregon.

What other hobbies do you have?

Beading Success

What role does jewelry-making play in your life?
It has been an eye-opener to mystic, more spiritual experiences.

If you used jewelry-making as a way to bring in income, how are you selling yourself and your jewelry?
Some craft fairs, home sales and private sales. Working on starting a website with a co-beader.

Do you participate in any charity fundraisers?
Not yet. Still at that thought stage, not ready to offer a donation.