Cynthia Starling

Meet the Designer-Artist:

Earth and nature in general inspire me to design my jewelry. When I'm outdoors, I breathe in the air and sit in a karmatic state taking in all the energy around me. Wind, birds, people and children and animals all around me, allow me to focus before making any item. I'm not sure what type of artist I am considered, probably an Earthbound Entity.

The creations that I am most proud of are the ones I no longer have. It saddens me that I didn't take photos of them. They were the first necklace and bracelet pieces I ever made. I was so proud, I gave them all away at a family reunion. I'm sad they are gone but I know the ones wearing them are wearing them well.

Anyway, that's me. I'm focused now on finding wonderful rocks. I might use a rock tumbler, but have second doubts on some wonderful stones I've found that I might decide to ''wrap'' them in metal or put them together in ''satchels.''

Share Your Background:

I'm really not sure who introduced me to beading. I would probably guess my spiritual guide.

Beading Success!

In today's society I would love to make jewelry and give it all away. I love to give them as lucky charms. However, in times like now, I'm interested in making money to support my family.

Thanks for listening and God bless!