Erin Strother

Erin Strother

Athena Collar
Bead Star 2010 Contest
Best in Show and 1st place
Category: Metals

Erin Strother was presented with her enormous gift certificate from Danielle Fox, Beadwork's Associate Editor, on behalf of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, at BeadFest Santa Fe in March 2011.

Erin Strother

Bead Star 2009 Contest
1st place
Category: Seed Beads

Meet the Designer-Artist

Erin Strother works full time as a graphic designer at her home in North San Diego County, California, where she lives happily with her very supportive husband, George and their disobedient dog, Swiffer.

Erin has always been interested in all things artistic, but she didn't start designing jewelry until a few years ago. While looking through an expensive jewelry catalog, she became intrigued with the idea of making her own jewelry. "How hard can this be?" she thought. "It seems just like stringing a basic macaroni necklace, and then attaching a clasp to it. The only difference is they are using prettier macaroni!"

After doing some web research, Erin bought some books, basic tools, findings and beads and dived in. She began subscribing to multiple jewelry magazines to get ideas and learn new techniques. It didn't take long for her to realize she wanted to become part of that world. She began submitting her own pieces for publication in 2008, and has since had many designs published in various jewelry magazines and books. Her long-term goal is to publish a book of her own.

Erin describes her style as "all over the map," but gravitates toward contemporary, geometric shapes with multiple connected elements. She enjoys working with organic materials such as stone, pearls and leather, and often combines them with industrial components and wire-work to create unexpected, unique pieces.

"I basically have a short attention span, so new ideas tend to explode into my head before I can even finish the piece I am working on. I call it 'beading attention deficit disorder,'" Erin says. "There is always a new technique I want to learn, a new tool I want to try, and a new material I want to work with. I love to experiment, and my work is always evolving. I feel I have just scratched the surface."

To see more of Erin's work, check her website at or her etsy store at Erin can be reached via email at

Courtesy of Bead Star 2010 magazine by Interweave Press LLC.

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