Paula Taylor

Introduce Yourself:

I am inspired by the types of materials that I use in my designs. I love color, flowers, crystals and unusually-shaped beads and findings. Many times I will refer to floral arrangements to give me ideas on how to mix color in my pieces.

I enjoy making abstract pieces as well as traditional styles. I love working with wire--hand-forming and shaping designs with wire and wrapping wire. I'm most proud of a custom-order necklace I made using gold with semi-precious stones, crystal beads and gold findings.

Share Your Background:

I was introduced to beading by a friend/co-worker. I discovered Fire Mountain Gems and Beads from advertisements in beading magazines.

Beading Success!

Jewelry plays a primary role in my everyday life. Making and creating designs is as natural to me as brushing my teeth or exercising every day--a necessary part of my life. Designing brings inspiration and peace to me and offers benefits and rewards. I have met so many wonderful artists who also inspire me. Making jewelry frees my mind, like reading a good book, and I can escape, with my journeys reflected in my designs.