Jacqueline Trerise

Introduce Yourself:

I have always had a need to keep my hands busy ''making something'' and therefore, have tried many forms of artistic expression. As a child I did work with beads for a time, just seed beads, and I actually made a loom from wood and nails which actually worked! I was making the love and peace chokers and head bands. Then I moved onto embroidering love and peace and flowers all over my jeans. But as I grew older and things changed so did my creative outlets. In 2003, I was to be married and I decided that I wanted to create my own jewelry. I was in a magazine store buying all kinds of wedding magazines to get ideas when I came across a beading magazine. Well...I had to have it! And so began the journey of a bead addict. I am hooked...so many beads...so many techniques...the possibilities are endless.

My designs tend towards the natural side of things...leaves, flowers, trees, the ocean, the colors that nature puts together. I guess this is the earth child side of me. But there are other sides. My love for all things vintage and old world. The Elizabethan era with the huge gowns and bold jewels also inspire my designs. The 20's flapper era, the 60's and 70's...I must have multiple personalities!? But I must say that it is the beads themselves that inspire my designs. I buy the beads for the love of them and sometimes I have no idea what will become of them...they will let me know...eventually.

Over the years I have had a few pieces that have stood out for me, that have come together better than I had envisioned. The sense of pride comes from comments and admiration of friends and mostly strangers who are oohing and aahing over something that you have created with your own hands.

Share Your Background:

There are not a lot of shopping opportunities living in a small north coast town in B.C., Canada. The closest thing to a bead store we have is a craft store about 100 miles away. So when I came across the ad for Fire Mountain in the magazine, I had to check it out. Well it took me days to figure out my first order. So much to choose from! I was trying to keep within a budget, but it was so hard...I wanted everything. I really look forward to my emails notifying me of new products. And I love that I can keep a shopping list going at all times that I can go back to if I happen to have to leave the site. Thank you Fire Mountain Gems for all you do!

Beading Success!

Finding that bead magazine literally changed my life! I had worked in the hospitality industry for about 25 years. It was a physically demanding job which was starting to take its toll on my body. I needed to make a change. Beading at first was just a hobby, but friends and family encouraged me to step out of my shell and try to sell my pieces. I had never sold a thing in my life! I did a local craft fair with much success. While attending the craft fair some representatives of the local art gallery approached me and asked if I would like to join the artist's co-op. Then a local retailer took on some of my pieces with successful sales. The more I sold, the more confident I became. Then came my website (www.jacquelinesjewelry.ca). And the beginning of my new career was in full bloom. I am now a full-time jewelry designer working from my home-based studio that is full of all the things beady that I love.