Ruth Ivette Molina Velez

Ruth Ivette Molina Velez

Silver Medal Prize Winner, 2009 Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Beading Contest

Introduce Yourself:
My main inspiration when I design is the beads and stones that I work with--their shape, warmth, color and texture indicate to me how to work with them. The majority of the materials I use are semiprecious stones and crystals, and I love silver and gold metals as a complement. As the starting point for my designs, I always consider the desire and specifications of my clients.

I included in my success story The Golden Rose Tiara, a piece created to realize the dream of a beautiful ''Quinceanera'' (sweet 15) birthday girl. My inspiration came from the dress she wore that day, the color of it, and her desire to have a unique tiara that will remain in her mind forever. After having an interview with the girl, I elaborated in a sketch how the tiara would look, and we instantly agreed it would be flowers made with crystal beads. We chose crystal briolettes as the main bead and gold metal to contrast and emphasize the glimmer of the crystals. Definitely a unique, special tiara.

I started creating jewelry six years ago, after seeing an offer for a design course. I thought it would be fun and relaxing, and I wasn't mistaken. I took the course with Puerto Rican jewelry designer, Karen Arosho, in her workshop in Kaloga, Puerto Rico. I studied for three years, taking all the courses she offered. I had never tried to make a necklace before, and after some time, I discovered what Karen said in her course was true … ''the art is inside you.'' And it definitely was. Thanks to Karen, I know I will keep designing for the rest of my life.

I came to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads looking for the best materials for my designs, and for the convenience of having it available at any time. They have never failed me and I always find what I am looking for.

Beading Success
Making jewelry has transformed from a hobby into a small business that fills me up and satisfies me in a big way. I now have Tevys Designs. I actually share it with my family, especially my husband, who helps me with the photography, my son, Gabriel (11 years old) who created the name The Golden Rose Tiara and my daughters, Frances and Liza, my best models.

I also share Tevys Designs with a very special friend in New Jersey, Mabel Caceres. Mabel introduces my jewelry to her friends in shows and at parties, and she has been inspired to make her own pieces, too. I also feature my designs on my Facebook page, Tevys Designs.

Finally I can say that in this hobby I found the art inside me, and I know that anybody that wants to try it can do it. I am sure they can tell their success story just as I am telling mine, because ''we were born to illuminate the world with the shine and light of our pieces.''

Ruth was awarded Silver Medal Prize Winner in the Briolette and Faceted Drops, Natural and Glass category of the 2009 Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Beading Contest for her design, The Golden Rose Tiara.