Pat Williams

Design Idea CAC6 Necklace and Earring Set

Lacey Luster
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Jewelry-Making Contest 2012 featuring Seed Beads

Meet the Designer-Artist

Jewelry making is yet another means for me to design and create. As a grandmother I find it wonderful that I have so many beads to choose from!

I am a realistic, wildlife, oil painter and have been painting since the age of 13 years old. Being from a very poor family in a rural community, the only paint available to me back then, was my carpenter Dad's old house paints. As I grew up, I was able to acquire real oil paint and buy material from a fabric store instead of a rummage sale. Since then, I have been an active artist in all areas of creating Art: using all forms of clay for beads and sculpture; adding crystals to my carved and painted gourds; using oil paint to create realistic paintings; using different fiber to sew, bead and quilt.

Beading allows me another medium to design beautiful wearable art. With the availability of countless beads, and my sewing and art background, I am able to lay out a palette of colored beads and gems that excites my artistic juices!

I never like to follow a pattern. As in all my art, I am always creating as I go along. When I was designing Lacey Luster, I never dreamed it would be considered for a contest. As it started to evolve, it took many twists and turns, until the pattern was formed. Then when I was finished I asked my daughter Cami, who is herself a fantastic jewelry designer, how she liked it. Without hesitation, she said, "Mom, you need to enter that!" I got excited about it then!

In creating Lacey Luster, it gave me the opportunity to use beautiful beads and sew them into a soft draping effect of exciting swirls to enhance the large drop crystal. With touches of tiny bead bows, it is very lacey and feminine and lays beautifully in one's neckline.

Since I have gotten into beading, I am always eager to go to the bead shows and expand the possibilities of designing a new piece, which my children, grandchildren and friends would be so happy to receive as a gift.

I thoroughly enjoy sitting down and paging through the beautiful Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ® catalog. It is loaded with possibilities! Thank you so much!