Susan Zeleskidovich

Introduce Yourself:

I absolutely love wire-wrapped cameos and semi-precious nuggets, and after seeing some amazing designs while browsing the web, I thought I'd give it a go. I started practicing with a huge roll of 20-gauge fencing wire and practiced on rocks from the garden! Once I got the hang of it and became familiar with the tools, I splashed out on some inexpensive craft-wire and went from there.

I think the piece that I'm most proud of is one that sold two days after listing it online. I am presently selling on a New Zealand auction site and competition is very intense. Low prices ... $1 reserves ... etc. The cameo I wire-wrapped and sold was a gift from another trader and I just couldn't let it go for such a small amount. I had only been wire-wrapping professional pieces for a week ... so I listed it at quite a high reserve. And it went very quickly! My other most popular accomplishment is my own two-in-one earrings. It is an earring with a removable hoop--you can wear the earring on its own or pop it on the hoop for a funky, up-to-date look.

Share Your Background:

I started beading about 7 years ago. I was a stay-at-home mum and wanted something to fill my time and maybe make a little pocket money. I started off buying cheap imported jewellery to take to the markets, but found too many pieces were breaking and I was forever fixing them.

It finally dawned on me ... if I can fix this earring, then I can make it! From there, I scoured the internet for free tutorials on jewellery making and I've never looked back.

I've introduced Maori Beads to my list of creations ... I am a native New Zealander. The name of our people is Maori. At the moment, Maori design beads are unavailable, so I decided to create some using different Maori designs and colours, which can be viewed on my website.

I am married with four children and when I'm not making jewellery, I'm a part-time nurse's aide at my local hospital.

Beading Success!

Jewellery plays a major role in my life. I work a part-time job and during the week, I create. I have transformed one whole bedroom into a studio with jewellery boards covering three walls from ceiling to floor! I love beads of all kinds, but my favourite is Murano glass.