Top 10 List - You Know You're a Beader When ...

by Jamie Smedley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

How do you know you're a beader? Well, of course, you play with beads, but there are some other telltale signs you might be able to relate to. We've asked some jewelry designers (and those closest to those jewelry designers) some of those signs and gathered the top 10 ways to tell if you're a beader. Do you identify with each number in this humorous infographic? How about your bead-obsessed friends?

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2. You have more pairs of pliers than your husband does and still NEED more.
3. The first thing you do on vacation is find a bead shop to buy more beads--even though you already have over 200 pounds sitting at home.
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5. Beading stores know you by your FIRST name--and have your credit card number on file.
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7. Your pantry and cupboards have more beads than food in them.
8. Long gone are the cute little bead storage containers. A plethora of organizers, totes and carrying cases are full to overflowing, but you still have beads everywhere!
9. You justify buying more beads with one-liners like,
10. Your family can't remember the last time they ate at the kitchen table, which is known as ''no man's land'' under certain death if they knock over your bead board or trays of beads.

Be sure to tell us other ways you know you're a beader! Share this infographic with your beady peeps on your favorite social media sites to spread the fun around and give someone a chuckle. Beading is all about fun, after all!