Reviving Old Jewelry

by Jamie Smedley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Revamped/Reworked Jewelry: Here to Stay

Revamp: improve form, structure, or appearance.
Rework: make changes to make it more up to date.

Incorporating broken or old jewelry or beadwork into inspiring new designs is an exciting idea that is stirring up the fashion scene! Seen as an eclectic and whimsical addition to the runway of fashion accessories, jewelry that is made of reworked vintage or vintage-looking pieces is a trend that won't soon fade away.

Refreshing Revamps

Plenty of Opportunities

Whether restringing your grandmother's old pearls into a fresh new design, reworking dated jewelry from the bottom of the jewelry box or reclaiming broken pieces, updating vintage and keepsake pieces can be easy and fun.

Almost everyone has timeworn jewelry that can be transformed into a wonderful new design. It's time to take another look at all those unused, lost treasures you have--rethink them and recreate them.

What to Revamp

Deciding what to revamp, however, can be a difficult decision. The best test is to honestly look at a piece and ask yourself if you will really wear it. If you simply love it, but wouldn't wear it because it is broken or outdated, it might be a good candidate for reworking into a design that you will love just as much and wear.

Transforming tired designs into trend-setting styles can be simple when you incorporate them into new patterns mixed with fresh beads, gemstone strands and quality findings. Plus, you can rework pieces again and again.

If you don't really have any pieces that you would like to reinvent, but love the idea of eclectic and vintage-looking pieces, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has many retro-styled beads, findings and components that will certainly fit the bill.

Ideas for Possible Recreations:
  • Turn broken pins into ribbon chokers or pendants on chain
  • Mismatched earrings can become pendants
  • Vintage beads can be restrung with new beads and findings for a great new necklace or bracelet
  • Small treasures can be double wrap-looped with precious metal wire as charms on a high quality designer chain for eclectic bracelets or necklaces
Reclaiming jewelry is a wonderful way to include higher quality beads and findings into your jewelry. By using jewelry that you already have, you can easily justify the use of higher-end designer beads, precious metal chains and jeweled findings for a beautiful and artistic piece. This will not only help you stretch your designing dollars, but also give a deeper sentimental and artistic value to your finished piece.

Refreshing Old Pearls

Pearls are a revisited classic that are gaining popularity. The designs are new and exciting, but how can the pearls you have fit into this new trend? Restringing pearls amongst new beads and findings is a creative way to reclaim pearl designs of yesterday.

It is very stylish to restring pearls alongside other gemstones and beads, adding chain, delicate organza ribbon or a large classic bejeweled clasp. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to restring an old strand of pearls, it is also highly recommended to do every few years in order to ensure that you don't lose the strand to a broken thread or clasp.

If you don't already have vintage pearls to rework, don't worry. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has a wide variety of economical cultured freshwater pearls in many shapes, sizes and colors.

An eye-catching design can include reclaimed pearls, sparkling Crystal Passions® components or designer faceted gemstone beads all topped off with a stunning jeweled clasp. With the addition of the new beads in your design, you should have enough pearls remaining to make a matching bracelet and earrings for a completely brand-new look.

More Design Ideas

The only limit is your imagination. To find more inspiration on design ideas, browse the Gallery of Designs. Make a bold statement whichever way you choose to remake your treasures, and above all--have fun!

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